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DirecTV Genie (HR34) and Client (C31) control

Chris Nov 29, 2012 08:49AM EST

I recently upgraded DirecTV receivers and now have an HR34 and 2 C31 clients. The clients don't get their own IP address and aren't addressable via iRule. Instead, a command needs to be sent to the HR34 to control them. Due to this DirecTV has updated the SHEF commands to include an option to identify the client to which the command should be sent. New commands can be found here: tune the HR34 to channel 206, the command would be:

http://IPAddress:port/tv/tune?major=206&clientAddr=0 (actually..the clientAddr parameter is not needed for the HR34 the HR34 is the default)

while to tune a client box with address 1 to 206, the command is


My question is there a way to create ONE command to tune to channel 206 and pass the client ID to that command ? What's the best way to do this ?

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iRule Support Team Nov 29, 2012 11:57AM EST

HI Chris,

Variables like that are not yet available. It is on our developers road map to add this capability though.

iRule Customer Support

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Chris Nov 29, 2012 08:51AM EST
Quick fix to above..I forgot to remove the brackets around the command to tune the client..that command should be:

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Chris Nov 29, 2012 10:43AM EST
More info:

I currently have 3 different pages(1 for each receiver) to control 3 different receivers that are all setup as different devices. Since all commands now go thru the HR34 there'd only be 1 device and I'm trying to avoid creating 3 "Tune to 206" commands..1 for each of the clients.

Ideal way would be to set some sort of variable for the client address (vClient)on the page (in the entrance or tied to a button ?) that can be appended to the commands such that the tune command becomes

for that matter take it one step further....I have 20+ icons for channels like ESPN, CNN, etc. on my FAVORITES screen and behind that I have actual device commands that tune to 206, 202, etc. (ie.there is a different tune command for each channel stored in the device definition). If the variable could be used, I could have a macro behind each button that sets the channel VAR first and then uses a generic tune command like this:


ie..there'd be only 1 TUNE command for all channels and all receivers to which I pass field values.

Please tell me this is not already possible ! (conflicted..would LOVE it to already be available but would feel like an idiot !)

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iRule Support Team Best Answer Nov 29, 2012 11:57AM EST Builder & App Support Support
HI Chris,

Variables like that are not yet available. It is on our developers road map to add this capability though.

iRule Customer Support
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Chris Nov 29, 2012 12:50PM EST
OK..thanks for the quick response.

so...would the currently suggested method be to create multiple commands for that HR34 like this ?

Command Name (Command)
Tune206Receiver1 (http://IPAddress:port/tv/tune?major=206&clientAddr=0)
Tune206Receiver2 (http://IPAddress:port/tv/tune?major=206&clientAddr=1)
Tune206Receiver3 (http://IPAddress:port/tv/tune?major=206&clientAddr=2)
Tune202Receiver1 (http://IPAddress:port/tv/tune?major=202&clientAddr=0)
Tune202Receiver2 (http://IPAddress:port/tv/tune?major=202&clientAddr=1)
Tune202Receiver3 (http://IPAddress:port/tv/tune?major=202&clientAddr=2)
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iRule Support Team Nov 29, 2012 01:04PM EST Builder & App Support Support
Hi Chris,

That is the way we would do it.

iRule Customer Support
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Chris Nov 29, 2012 01:36PM EST
OK..thanks !
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Jack Dec 10, 2012 09:57PM EST
Chris - can you explain to me where you are issuing the commands you mention? I am brand new to iRule but need to accomplish what you are trying to do. This seems super complicated. Any way you can explain?
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Sean Sep 19, 2016 09:38PM EDT
Ok. So, there's a mac address on the wireless media bridge and on the genie under the menu>settings. I have tried both and Alexa will say "Ok" to both and nothing happens...any thoughts? The MAC on the media bridge is laid out like 5002A447F76D and the MAC on the Genie is laid out like 88:f6:c7:4b:e7:e0. It's all Greek to me. I'm not getting any error codes in the Service Simulator either...just no action on the actual genie.

"play" code is currently set as:

path= '/remote/processKey?key=play&hold=keyPress&clientAddr=88:f6:c7:4b:e7:e0'

changing channel code is currently:

path = '/tv/tune?major=11&clientAddr=88:f7:c7:6b:e7:e0';
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Alex Milogradov Sep 19, 2016 09:52PM EDT Builder & App Support Support
/remote/processKey?key=play&hold=keyPress&clientAddr=88F6C74BE7E0 is the command format. MAC address for DirecTV commands needs to be all CAPS.

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