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AppleTV Module with Apple TV 4

Bill V Jan 29, 2019 12:51AM EST

I’ve had the Apple TV Module working with my ATV 3 or a few years.

This week I upgraded to the ATV 4 and want to use the Apple TV Module to remote control it. To make sure there wouldn’t be a problem I deleted the ATV 3 Gateway and even deleted the AppleTV IP device. Then sync’d … no gateway, no device. Then re-downloaded the AppleTV IP device.

Then carefully went through the iRule setup procedure as outlined here …

After entering the pin code the AppleTV Module successfully pairs with the ATV 4. It’s listed under Remote App, and I ‘Save’ in iRule on my iPhone.

Then go to Apple TV Module page (on my iPhone). The bottom left connection status light is green, but pressing the connection light shows the AppleTV IP status as a blank circle (not green).

Then returned to the Apple TV gateway just setup. It shows no devices. Press on Devices, then ‘Add device’ and select AppleTV IP (was unassigned) … pressed + to add. My gateway now shows ‘Devices AppleTV IP’.

Return to Apple TV Module page (on my iPhone). Bottom left connection status light spins for a while, then shows amber (not green). Press connection light, status for New gateway and AppleTV IP just spins (no light).

I have tried over and over, and every time the same thing occurs – spinning status for the New gateway and AppleTV IP, and no connection. I cannot see what, if anything, I’m doing wrong.

iPhone X – iOS 12.1.3
iRule – 4.7.3
ATV 4 – tvOS 12.1.2

Can iRule support of anyone else please help so I can get this working. Thanks

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Ali Feb 21, 2019 02:49PM EST
Hi Bill
You are not doing anything wrong, I faced the same issue. Apple simply took out IP control in their recent firmware update. I am hoping the iRule team will come up with a solution, else we will have to revert to IR control instead.

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Ali Feb 21, 2019 04:11PM EST
Thank you for giving me an incentive to fix it. I just used Apple Media Manager IR device with customized buttons to mimic Apple TV Remote. The IR is handled by Global Cache. It is working fine but not as slick as the IP control module.

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Paul Jun 18, 2019 08:41PM EDT
Can you elaborate more on how you found a way around this problem?

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