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Two phones, same settings, same network, one red, one green for iTach

Tim S. Jan 17, 2019 03:28PM EST

Per subject, I've created an Android handset within builder and sync'd that to two phones (Pixel 2 and Note 9). Both phones have pulled the same gateway settings from my account, as well. They are both on the same WiFi network. I've done a screen by screen comparison of all of the gateway settings between the two within the app, to confirm there were no weird things happening in the sync, and found no differences between the two phones.

The Note 9 gets Green status on all pages for all devices, including Network-based (TiVo), HTTP-based (Roku) and two different Global Cache-based iTachs - one in the closet, one behind the TV. This Note 9 works perfectly.

The Pixel 2 gets Green only for the Network-based and HTTP-based devices, but Red status for the two GC iTachs. I've force-closed the app, rebooted the phone, power-cycled the iTachs, power-cycled the router.

Anyone have any ideas as to why one might work while the other doesn't??

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Tim S. Jan 20, 2019 04:06PM EST
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Tim S. Jan 20, 2019 05:58PM EST
More info.

Both cell phones were DHCP. One assigned, the other

I reserved an address for the phone that wont connect, one just below the two iTach reserved addresses (.1.30 and .1.40) and the other between the two iTachs at .35.

None of these changes had any effect on the behavior.
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iRule Support Team Jan 20, 2019 06:54PM EST Builder & App Support Support
Could be android issue.

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