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Tutorial: Messages

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2014 02:41PM EDT
Messages are used to prevent user interaction while a macro is getting executed while displaying a message informing the user of what is happening.  Messages can be setup to appear at the beginning of macro execution and automatically terminate after macro is finished OR you can control when the message shows up and when it disappears.


Steps below will provide guidance on how to setup and manage messages:

Step 1:

After you log into the builder click on More tab.  Expand the object that you have with a macro.  In this example we are using an Entrance. 

Step 2:

Expand the Actions menu item and drag and drop the message onto the Entrance or a button/link that contains the Macro to which you want to add a Message to.  We use Entrance in this example.


Step 3:

When you drag and drop the Message, it will appear as the last "command" in the Entrance or Button/Link.  You can re-arrange the order by clicking the arrows in the top left hand corner of the builder (circled in red).


Step 4:

After re-arranging the order, you can edit the Message properties such as the object name, message Title and the actual text to be displayed inside the message.  If you do not wish to add a Message for when the macro is finished, you can stop at this step.

Step 5:

If you desire to display a message a user letting them know that they can now use the system, you can either do a Drag and Drop method discussed in previous steps or you can right mouse button click on the object (Entrance in this case) and select option to Add Message.


Step 6:

Using the arrows, you can re-arrange the position of the message to be displayed after the macro is finished.  You can also adjust the properties to rename the message object, as well as update its title and text.  You will also need to select the Hide from the Display drop down menu.


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