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Tokenized Feedback

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2014 03:28PM EDT
Feedbacks have been enhanced with several new options to better process data from devices. The major new function involves tokenized data.
This is commonly used when a device sends back a single feedback with many parts that each have unique information. Unlike the feedback of many AV receivers as an example where a string describes a single state such as volume.
Some common devices that use tokenized feedback are: matrix switchers, video-scalers, and some lighting and automation systems.
In this example, we will process the feedback from a matrix switcher that describes all eight (8) inputs and other settings such as power status in a single feedback.
The string is a combination of both hexadecimal and ASCII feedback.
To understand how tokenizing is applied to this feedback, we will begin at the top level of the feedback definition. The Feedback envelope uses a Starts with and an Ends with for this device.  This is a tokenized feedback without a delimiter. If you have a feedback that uses a specific character to split the different parts of the feedback such as a comma or star you can define. If no delimiter is defined, every byte will be split with the tokenizing.

Now that the Feedback level is defined we will work on the Code level of the feedback. In this example, the code is not used and we are defining the byte position to match the value only. The Code is used when there is a prefix that describes the upcoming information. Code value by default use a span of 1 byte or 1 delimiter but can be combined into multiple using the span setting.
After the Code is defined within the feedback, the Value is next. In this example, the first byte after the Starts with byte defines the input selected for Output A. The possible values for this are between 1-4.

Just as with any text based feedback, we can substitute the matched value with text that is meaningful to the customer. By default we display the name of the output and the input selected but any text can be displayed. You can define multiple Values within the Code to match the different feedbacks.
To define another value in the list we will select Output E, which is the 5th value in the feedback after the Starts with. Please note that the token position is changed to match the byte position of the tokenized feedback starting with the first byte.

To view the entire feedback for this device, you can browse for the shared Feedbacks where Vendor is Octava and the Device Type is Switcher. The Feedback is named OCTAVA HDMI Matrix Switch – Tokenized.

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