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Tutorial: Launching 3rd party Apps from Android app

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2016 09:52AM EST

Launching Apps - Android

You can launch other Android applications. Please note that once you exit the app you will need to manually return by hitting the android back button.  

  1. Open the Builder.
  2. Open the More tab and expand Launch.
  3. Drag & Drop App.
  4. Drag & Drop image.
  5. Define App properties.
  6. Save & Sync.

Step One: Open iRule Builder

Step One :: Image Title

Open the Builder, select the page you would like to place the button to launch the app on, then click on More tab.


Step Two: Open the More Tab & Expand Launch

Step Two :: Image Title

From the list of items under More tab select and expand Launch item by click on the + sign to the left of the Launch.


Step Three: Drag & Drop App

Step Three :: Image Title

Drag and drop the item you would like to place into your GUI.  App allows you to launch another app from inside iRule and let you specify which app.  


Step Four: Drag & Drop image

Step Four :: Image Title

Drag and drop an image you would like for the button that launches the app.


Step Five: Define App properties

Step Five :: Image Title

In the 'App' Properties pane you have ability to resize the object like any other button in iRule builder.  In the URL field is where you specify the special URL that launches the app.  For instance to launch Sonos app you would use com.sonos.acr

Go to PLAY.GOOGLE.COM and find the app you want to Launch.  Click on the app link.  Then look in the URL field for value after "...details?id="  This is the value you will need to input in the URL field in the iRule Builder.


Step Six: Save & Sync

Save the changes in the iRule Builder and Sync the application.

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