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This tutorial covers how to enable Wake-on-LAN (WOL) to a Network Gateway. WOL allows the app to wake up a sleeping PC during the Gateway connection process. Please note that you will need to have WOL enabled in your PC which may require changing settings in your BIOS and Power Settings in the control panel. You can read more about WOL here.

  1. Open the command prompt in Windows.
  2. Record the MAC address.
  3. Open Network Gateway.
  4. Enable WOL.
  5. WOL Settings.
  6. Enter MAC Address.

Step One: Open Command Prompt

Step One :: Image Title

Open the command prompt and type IPCONFIG /all and press enter. If you are on a different operating system, you will need to find your MAC address.


Step Two: Get MAC Address

Step Two :: Image Title

Record the MAC address for the wired Ethernet connection. Please note that if your computer a wireless network card, it will also display the MAC address of the wireless card. The WOL will not typically work with wireless cards.


Step Three: Open Network Gateway

Step Three :: Image Title

Launch the app on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and open the Network Gateway to the PC. 


Step Four: Enable WOL

Step Four :: Image Title

Press the On button to Enable WOL. 


Step Five: WOL Settings

Step Five :: Image Title

After the WOL is enabled, the MAC Address and Delay fields will appear. The Delay in seconds is used to add a timeout value to the maximum time the app will wait before timing out a connection to the Gateway. In a typical situation, it will take the PC additional time to wake up and this setting can be adjusted to avoid a timeout while the PC is waking up.


Step Six: Enter MAC Address

Step Five :: Image Title

Type the MAC address that we obtained in step two. You may need to experiment with the timeout settings based on your computer's timing.

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