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Tutorial: iOS App Navigation Objects

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2016 01:28PM EST

With the ability to remove the navigation bar in the Handset properties, users can use the Navigation Objects to return to the Settings area in the app and the Back button to navigate to the previous Panel/Page. Navigation objects can look like any other graphical element in the interface and blend into the existing design. Please note that hiding the navigation bar on an a handset with existing GUI will require modification of existing user interfaces to allow for full utilization of additional usable area.

  1. Open Builder.
  2. Optional - Hide Navigation bar.
  3. Open the More tab and expand Navigation.
  4. Drag & Drop Navigation Object.
  5. Drag & Drop image.
  6. Review.

Step One: Open Builder

Step One :: Image Title

Open Builder, select the Page you would like to place the Navigation Object on, then click on More tab.


Step Two: Optional - Hide Navigation Bar

Step One :: Image Title

Note: You can hide the Navigation bar in the Handset properties. When hiding the navigation bar the interface gains an additional 44 pixels in height in standard iOS resolutions (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and 88 pixels in height for iOS Retina displays. 


Step Three: Open the More Tab & Expand Navigation

Step Three :: Image Title

Click on the More tab and expand the Navigation item.  You should see Back, Sync, Panels, Gateways.  Back button replaces the Back button that was in the Navigation bar on the top right hand corner.  NOTE: You will need to place the BACK navigation object on every Panel and every Page and at least one Navigation Object to return to the settings area.


Step Four: Drag & Drop Navigation Object

Step Four :: Image Title

Drag and drop the Navigation object that you want onto the interface.


Step Five: Drag & Drop Image

Step Five :: Image Title

Drag and drop the image you would like to be associated with this Navigation object.  Save your work and Sync to the iRule app.  


Step Six: Review

The button will look like just like any other button in your GUI.  Adding Gateways, Panels, Sync navigation objects will take you to those settings items that were otherwise accessible through pressing the Panels button on the top left hand corner of the app

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