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Tutorial: Sharing and Importing Panels (Advanced license)

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016 02:49PM EST

Sharing Panels

This tutorial covers how to share and import shared Panels.

  1. Select Panel.
  2. Panel Properties.
  3. Share Panel.
  4. Save.
  5. Browse.
  6. Select Panels.
  7. Search Panels.
  8. Select iRule or Users Tab.
  9. Review Shared Panels.
  10. Preview Panel Thumbnail.
  11. Enlarge Preview.
  12. Exit Preview.
  13. Select Panel.
  14. Click Import.
  15. Close Browse Window.
  16. Review.

Step One: Select Panel

Step One :: Image Title

Click on the Panel you would like to share from the Panels Tree.


Step Two: Panel Properties

Step Two :: Image Title

Under the properties of the panel enter the description that you would like to share your panel under. This is what other users will see when they perform searches.


Step Three: Share Panel

Step Three :: Image Title

Under the properties of the panel, select "YES" from the drop-down menu called Shared.


Step Four: Save

Step Four :: Image Title

To commit changes, click on the Save icon. Alternatively, you can go to File, then click on Save, as well as pressing CTRL+S on the keyboard.


Step Five: Browse

Step Five :: Image Title

To search for shared panels click Browse menu.


Step Six: Select Panels

Step Six :: Image Title

Select Panels menu item from the drop down list.


Step Seven: Search Panels

Step Seven :: Image Title

Change tab to community and Click Search button.


Step Eight: Select iRule or Users Tab

Click on the Users Tab to view the Shared Panels from iRule users or the iRule Tab for Panels shared by iRule. In this tutorial, we are searching the Users Tab.

Step Nine: Review Shared Panels

Step Nine :: Image Title

You should see a list of all the shared panels under the Users tab. Their names, descriptions and handset type are displayed in this window. In the example above you will see results based on the searching the Community tab for Direct. 


Step ten: Preview Panel Thumbnail

Step Ten :: Image Title

Click the "eye" icon to preview the panel.


Step Eleven: Enlarge Preview

Step Eleven :: Image Title

Click on the thumbnail image of the panel to enlarge.


Step Twelve: Exit Preview

Click outside the enlarged image to get back to the shared panels list.

Step Thirteen: Select Panel

Step Thirteen :: Image Title

Select the panel you would like to import by putting a check mark next to it.


Step Fourteen: Close Browse Window

Step Fourteen :: Image Title

Click the import button.


Step Fifteen: Review

Click Close button to return to the main builder window.

Step Sixteen: Review

Step Sixteen :: Image Title

The newly imported panel is added at the bottom of all the existing panels. As part of the import, a new image library will be created for the buttons that are part of the imported panel.

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