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Tutorial: Repeating Background Commands

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016 01:45PM EST

Repeating Background Commands

This tutorial covers how to use a command in an Entrance to repeat at a user defined interval. This is useful for devices that automatically disconnect after a period of time without any activity (Yamaha AVRs disconnect after 45 seconds). Another use is to query a device for a feedback every few seconds.  

  1. Open Entrance.
  2. Add Entrance.
  3. Assign Command.
  4. Select Entrance.
  5. Entrance Properties.
  6. Repeatabe.
  7. Interval.
  8. Define Interval.
  9. Save.

Step One: Open Entrance

Step One :: Image Title

Click on the + sign next to the Panel name and you will see all the items which make up that panel including item called "Entrance".


Step Two: Add Entrance

Step Two :: Image Title

Right Mouse button click on the "Entrance" item and select "Add Entrance". Default entrance name "Entrance" is created.


Step Three: Assign Command

Step Three :: Image Title

Drag and drop a device command that you would like to keep executing in the background.


Step Four: Select Entrance

Step Four :: Image Title

You will see the command be a part of the entrance in both the middle pane and the left hand pane of the iRule Builder. Click on the created "Entrance" item.


Step Five: Entrance Properties

Step Five :: Image Title

On the bottom left hand pane of the builder you will see the properties of your entrance.


Step Six: Repeatable

Step Six :: Image Title

Click on the drop-down arrow for "repeatable" item and select "YES".


Step Seven: Interval

Step Seven :: Image Title

Once "YES" is selected, "repeat every (sec)" option becomes available with default of 0.2 seconds between repeating the commands of the entrance.


Step Eight: Define Interval

Step Eight :: Image Title

Change it to your desired repeating time segment in seconds and press the Enter key.


Step Nine: Save

Click on the Save icon to save your work. Alternatively, you can click on File than Save or by pressing CTRL+S on the PC


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