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Tutorial: Push/Release Commands

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016 01:33PM EST

Push Release Commands

Push Release Commands offers the ability to send two different commands; one command is sent on button press, and another is sent on button release. This functionality can be used for devices such as garage door openers, certain lighting systems, and other devices which require this functionality. This tutorial requires that you know how to browse devices and apply multiple commands to a button. This functionality can also be applied to a label with commands assigned.

  1. Drag and drop two Device codes to the button.
  2. review to insure that two commands have been assigned.
  3. Button properties to enable the push-release funcitonality.

Step One: Drag and Drop

Step One :: Image Title

Drag and drop the Device codes to the button in the main interface window. For the push/release functionality to work you must have two commands applied to a button. The button where the command will be assigned is highlighted in blue.


Step Two: Review

Step Two :: Image Title

By default, when two commands are applied to a button, a macro will be created and both commands will execute in order.


Step Three: Button Properties

Step Three :: Image Title

In the button properties, select Yes in the push-release option. Once this functionality is enabled the button will execute the first command on the push and the second command upon the release of the button.

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