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Tutorial: Repeating IR Commands

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016 01:26PM EST

Repeating IR Commands

This tutorial covers how to modify the number of times an IR (infrared) command is repeated with every button press. Some devices require a command to be sent multiple times to be successfully received.

  1. Open Devices Tab.
  2. Expand Database Codes.
  3. Modify Device Repetition.
  4. Expand Database Codes.
  5. Modify Repetition.

Step One: Open Devices Tab

Step One :: Image Title

Open the Devices tab in the iRule Builder and expand a Device with IR commands. Please note that IR repetition is available on both HEX Codes and Database Codes.

Step Two: Expand Database Codes

Step Two :: Image Title

Expand the Device and select the Database Codes. In the Database Codes Properties, there is now a new field call all codes repetition. This field determines how many times every device code is sent with a single button press.

Step Three: Modify Repetition

Step Three :: Image Title

In this example we are modifying the repetition for the Device from three to one. 

Step Four: Expand Database Codes

Step Four :: Image Title

Expand the Database Codes and select a command, there is a new field called repetition. The repetition field is for a single command within a Device. 

Step Five: Modify Repetition

Step Five :: Image Title

In this example we are modifying the repetition for the 3d command from three to one.

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