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Tutorial: Feedback

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016 01:01PM EST


This tutorial covers how to import an existing Feedback into the existing setup. Feedbacks are tied to a device with commands that are using the same format, this means you cannot use an IR based command set with feedback using RS232 or IP. Users can create and share their own feedbacks or modify existing feedbacks for their devices. Note that for full Feedback capabilities, your iOS device needs to have version 4.0 or higher.

  1. Select Feedbacks.
  2. Browse Feedbacks.
  3. Browse & Import Feedbacks.
  4. Import Feedback.
  5. Feedback Properties.
  6. Attach Device.
  7. Select Feedback Code.
  8. Drag & Drop.
  9. Review Feedback.
  10. Drag another Feedback.
  11. Select Volume Value.
  12. Drag & Drop.
  13. Feedback in iRule.

Step One: Select Feedbacks

Step One :: Image Title

Select the Feedbacks tab near the Images and Devices.

Step Two: Browse Feedbacks

Step Two :: Image Title

From the Actions drop down menu and select Browse Feedbacks.

Step Three: Browse & Import Feedbacks

Step Three :: Image Title

In the Browse & Import Feedbacks window you can find the shared Feedbacks. Feedbacks are sorted into the iRule and Users tabs just like Devices and Image libraries. Select the Feedback Type from the list and type the name of the Vendor. Click Search to display the available Feedbacks. 

Step Four: Import Feedback

Step Four :: Image Title

Select the Feedback from the list and select the Import button.

Step Five: Feedback Properties

Step Five :: Image Title

After the Feedback is imported, close the Feedback window. Select the Feedback and review the properties. Please note that for the Feedback to work you must assign it to a Device. 

Step Six: Attach Device

Step Six :: Image Title

Assign the Device from the Properties of the Feedback. In the Feedback Properties, you define the fields that are common for the Feedback such as a starts with and ends with fields. These are used when a device sends back a header for every feedback and closes a feedback using a common format. In this example, the Integra Receiver begins every feedback with: ISCP\x00 and completes every feedback with \x1A. This information can be found in the documentation from the manufacturer.  

Step Seven: Select Feedback Code

Step Seven :: Image Title

Select the Power feedback Code from the Text Feedback types. iRule currently supports two kinds of feedbacks: text and number. Text based feedbacks can display the exact message from a device or allow for substitution that the user can configure. Please note that in this Code, the prefix is NAL which is the Network Album header and does not contain a suffix. 

Step Eight: Drag & Drop

Step Eight :: Image Title

Drag and drop the Feedback Code into the iRule interface.

Step Nine: Review Feedback

Step Nine :: Image Title

After the Feedback is placed on the Page, you can hover to view the tooltip with the description. You can modify the settings of the Feedback display such as location, size, font, color just like a text label. Also, note that by default the Feedbacks are set to a time of -1.0 for the hide after field. If you make this value positive you will have a feedback that is displayed and then hidden after the user defined interval.

Step ten: Drag & Drop Another Feedback

Step Ten :: Image Title

You can add additional feedbacks in the Page.

Step Eleven: Select Volume Value

Step Eleven :: Image Title

Select the Volume Value under the numeric Feedback type. You can review the specific settings for the numeric feedback and set the value units to display dB (for volume), percentage (for volume or lighting), Fahrenheit or Celsius or a Custom field with your value.

Step Twelve: Drag & Drop

Step Twelve :: Image Title

Drag and drop the Numeric Code to the Page to show the volume Feedback.

Step Thirteen: Feedback in iRule

Sync the app with the Builder and view the feedbacks


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