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Tutorial: Gestures

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016 09:16AM EST


Gestures allow users to control their remote without looking at it! This is a common limitation of touchscreen remotes and iRule easily overcomes the problem with Gestures. 

  1. Open the Builder.
  2. Add new Panel.
  3. Rename the new Panel.   
  4. Expand the new Panel.
  5. Add new Page.
  6. Expand Gestures.
  7. Drag and Drop Command.
  8. Review the applied Commands.
  9. Drag and Drop Command from another Device.
  10. Review the applied Commands.
  11. Enable Gestures.
  12. Add Background Images.
  13. Add Link.

Step One: Open Builder

Step One :: Image Title

Open the Builder. In this tutorial we will use an existing setup that already has the AppleTV applied to buttons. 


Step Two: Add New Panel

Step Two :: Image Title

Right click and select Add Panel from the drop down list. We are adding a new Panel because the left and right Gestures can conflict with a Panel that has multiple Pages and swipe to the other Page. To accommodate both a Panel with multiple Pages and Gestures we will link to another Panel used for Gestures.


Step Three: Rename the new Panel

Step Three :: Image Title

Optional - Rename the Panel to keep the project organized. In this tutorial, we named the Panel AppleTV Gestures


Step Four: Expand the new Panel

Step Four :: Image Title

Click on the + icon of the newly created Panel to expand. 


Step Five: Add new Page

Step Five :: Image Title

Right click on Landscape or Portrait Pages and create a new Page.


Step Six: Expand Gestures

Step Six :: Image Title

Expand the Gestures item in the Panels list to display the Gestures. Note that there are twelve Gestures available: Up, Down, Left, Right, Tap, Double Tap for both one finger and two fingers. Commands can be applied to any of the Gestures.


Step Seven: Drag and Drop Command

Step Seven :: Image Title

Click on the Devices tab. In this tutorial, we will assign the commands from the AppleTV device. Drag and drop the CURSOR DOWN command on the Swipe down with one finger Gesture.


Step Eight: Review the applied Commands

Step Eight :: Image Title

Repeat the drag and drop process and apply the remaining AppleTV commands to the Gestures.


Step Nine: Drag and Drop Command from another Device

Step Nine :: Image Title

In this tutorial, we will also combine the volume commands from the AV receiver to the Two finger swipe Gestures.


Step Ten: Review the applied Commands

Repeat the drag and drop process for the remaining AV receiver commands.

Step Eleven: Enable Gestures

Step Eleven :: Image Title

Click on the Page and in the properties, enable the Gestures to make them active. iRule by default disables the Gestures to optimize battery life.


Step Twelve: Add Background Images

Step Twelve :: Image Title

Optional - In the Page, you can add background images to have a consistent look and feel to the Gestures Page.


Step Thirteen: Add Link

Add a link to the AppleTV Page to the Gestures Panel to navigate to the Gestures Page. Optionally, you can also hide the Gestures Panel to simplify the Panels list


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