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Tutorial: Gateway Backup and Restore

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2014 12:08PM EDT

Gateway Backup & Restore

This tutorial covers how to backup and restore your Gateway definitions. Gateway backup/restore can be used by users that have multiple devices in the home and would like to simplify the setup and reduce the time to install and configure the iRule app.

  1. Open the Sync tab and select Backup gateways.
  2. Uploading Gateways.
  3. Backup complete.
  4. Restore Gateways.
  5. Downloading Gateways.
  6. Restore complete.

Step One: Open Sync Tab

Step One :: Image Title

In the Sync tab you will find where you can sync the interface from the Builder as well as backup and restore your Gateway definitions. After the Gateways have been defined, press the Backup gateways button to sync the Gateway definitions to the server. Please note that the Gateway information is only backed up to the Builder and is not editable in the Builder.


Step Two: Uploading Gateways

Step Two :: Image Title

Uploading gateways message appears while your information is uploaded to the Builder.


Step Three: Backup complete

Step Three :: Image Title

Press the OK button after the backup completed. 


Step Four: Restore Gateways

Step Four :: Image Title

You are able to restore your Gateway definitions to another iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from the Builder using the Restore gateways button. Press the Restore gateways button to download the Gateway definitions.


Step Five: Downloading Gateways

Step Five :: Image Title

Downloading gateways message appears while your Gateway definitions are syncing from the Builder.


Step Six: Restore complete

Step Five :: Image Title

Press the OK button after the Restore is complete. Your Gateways are now defined and the app is ready to be used.

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