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Tutorial: Gateway Status Drawer

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2014 12:07PM EDT

Gateway Connection Status Drawer

The Gateway Connection Status drawer is used to determine the connection status of Gateways and Devices. The Gateway drawer also facilitated removal of the "Connecting to Gateways" dialog in older versions of the app that prevented the user from using the remote while a Gateway connection was established. 

  1. In the app, click on the Settings tab.
  2. Turn on the Show connection status option.
  3. New Gateway connection status in the corner. 
  4. Press Gateway icon at any time to expand the Gateway Status Drawer.
  5. Review the status.

Step One: Open Settings

Step One :: Image Title

Open the Settings tab in the app. The show connection status is to display additional diagnostic information about the Gateway and device connections.


Step Two: Show Connection Status

Step Two :: Image Title

Enable the Show connection status option.


Step Three: Gateway Connecting Status

Step Three :: Image Title

The Connecting to Gateways popup no longer appears, now the status of the Gateway connections are displayed in the bottom right corner using the Gateway icon.


Step Four: Press the Gateway Icon

Step Four :: Image Title

To display the Gateway status drawer, press the Gateway icon. 


Step Five: Review Connections

Step Five :: Image Title

This drawer contains the list of Gateways and their status (connected or not) and the devices assigned. If you have several Gateways or more than 5 devices, you can scroll the drawer to view the full contents.


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