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Tutorial: HTTP Gateways

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2012 12:10PM EDT

Adding and Configuring HTTP Gateway

This tutorial covers how to add a device with HTTP commands in iRule Builder and configure HTTP gateway on iRule App . An example of the device that can be controlled over HTTP gateway is XBMC.

  1. Create new device and add HTTP commands in the iRule Builder.
  2. The iRule App HTTP Gateway configuration.

Step One: Create New Device

Step One :: Image Title

Create new device in Devices window using Actions menu or right clicking on one of the existing devices.


Step Two: Device Properties

Step Two :: Image Title

In the device properties window, change the name of the device. In this tutorial we use XBMC device controlled over HTTP.


Step Three: Add Device Code

Step Three :: Image Title

Add device code to the 'Network Codes' and name it after the command this code represents.


Step Four: Define the HTTP command string

Step Four :: Image Title

In the device code properties window, type the command string in the 'data' field. The command is the string that is followed the device URL.


Step Four :: Image Title

The example of the command for XBMC device sent from the internet browser window. Note that the URL of the device has both the IP address and the port followed by the command string.


Step Four :: Image Title

The example of the XBMC commands.


Step Five: Device codes for HTTP commands

Step Five :: Image Title

All the commands defined for the device are displayed under 'Network Codes'.


Step Six: HTTP Gateway configuration on iPhone

Now open iRule App on your iPhone and sync with the builder. Then open 'Gateways' tab and press ' Edit' button.


Step Seven: Add HTTP Gateway


Scroll down to HTTP gateway section and press '+' to add a new gateway. 

Step Eight: HTTP Gateway configuration on iPhone

The following screen should appear. In this screen define the name and the address of the gateway.  IP Mask of your home network will be automatically populated so that all you do is add the last set of digits of the IP address of the gateway.
The address can be an IPv4 or Internet address.  Enter the port number on which this gateway is listening for commands on.  If you gateway requires username and password, you can input those values in the Username and Password fields.

If your IP address or URL require Secure socket connection, you simply put HTTP:// in front of the IP address or URL (

Scroll down to HTTP Method and you can select which Method your gateway uses.  Typically it is GET.

Then select 'Connect devices' to attach the device created in steps 1 through 5.



Step Nine: Add device to HTTP gateway

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