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Tutorial: Backup/Restore

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2016 11:07AM EST

iRule Automatic System Backup & Restore 

This tutorial describes the improved Backup and Restore functionality in version 2.0 of the iRule Builder. The iRule Builder now automatically stores up to seven Backups of the entire user setup. A Backup is made once per day when you log into the iRule Builder. You can restore from any of the system Backups or your own Backups that are saved on your personal computer. 

  1. Select Restore.
  2. Add Handset.
  3. Select Handset.

Step One: Select Restore

From the File menu, select Restore from the drop down list.  

Step Two: Restore Backup

The Restore backup window now gives the user the option to select a Backup from the system that was automatically created or a Backup that the user made and saved locally to the PC. Please note that the system Backups provide the date and time of the backup for your reference. 

Step Three: Select Handset

Select the Backup you would like to configure from the list and press the Restore button to complete. You will also need to select the option to merge or replace. Merging a handset with the current setup will not affect what currently exists in the builder. Replacing current setup will wipe clean the builder and replace with the File that has been selected for restore. 


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