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Lutron Smart Bridge Pro

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2014 02:06PM EDT

Before you can begin setting up the builder for the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro you will need to have the lights and scenes within the Lutron application itself. Once you have the automation setup complete within the app there are a few steps to follow within the settings of the OS to retrieve the Integration ID's.

If you are using the iOS application you will need to access the OS settings and scroll down until you find the Lutron application listed. After you select the Lutron application there is a setting to enable Advanced settings. Once you have enabled the Advanced settings go back to the Lutron application.

If you are using the Android application you need to go to settings within the Lutron application and click the check box to show Advanced settings.

Inside the Lutron Advanced settings choose Integration and then you have two things to finish the initial setup:
  • enable telnet support
  • Send integration report

The integration report will be sent to your email address that you have registered via the application. The report will look like this:


 "LIPIdList" : {

   "Devices" : [


       "ID" : 1,

       "Name" : "Smart Bridge Pro",

       "Buttons" : [


           "Name" : "All On",

           "Number" : 1



           "Name" : "All Off",

           "Number" : 2



  "Zones" : [


       "ID" : 2,

       "Name" : "Dimmer 1"



       "ID" : 3,

       "Name" : "Dimmer 2"



       "ID" : 4,

       "Name" : "Dimmer 3"

Using this information you can setup the Lutron Smartbridge within the builder. The integration id's are the ID's listed in the integration report. The zone ID's will be switches and dimmers and will say the same. The buttons are scenes, more specifically phantom buttons.


Inside the application:

  • Create a Network gateway
  • Port 23
  • Username = lutron
  • Password = integration
  • Assign the Lutron Smartbridge module device

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