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  • purchase device quote

    Hi! I can't find in Builder any option to buy more devices quote. I have 25 devices and I need another on...

    3 Support Answers 4 Community Answers Aug 09, 2017 12:45PM EDT
  • Is iRule still being actively supported?

    Haven't seen any updates for some time. If iRule is in fact being dropped in favour of Kramer Control, w...

    1 Community Answer Jul 01, 2017 08:35PM EDT
  • How do I purchase the Itunes module for Irule?

    In Builder is says Itunes module is not licensed for this handset. I can't find any posts that tell me h...

    1 Support Answer 0 Community Answers Jun 08, 2015 10:11PM EDT
  • Buy Basic license

    I can´t seem to find where to buy the basic license anywhere. Only buy more device and handsets quota and mod...

    16 Support Answers 23 Community Answers Jul 14, 2014 03:58PM EDT
  • Buy Esi?

    Where can i buy Esi controller and motors? Why dont the Vera module have blinds control? Vera do support blin...

    1 Support Answer 2 Community Answers Aug 18, 2013 05:54PM EDT
  • automation module purchased and worked; and is now completely gone fro...

    how do i restore my purchases ? i bought my "2ND" itunes module at the same time because that a...

    1 Support Answer 0 Community Answers Jun 15, 2013 12:11AM EDT
  • What gateway should I have bought, and what is the best option to add ...

    I purchased the iTach WF2IR and it seems that I am 1 IR control short for my initial requirements. I have a S...

    2 Support Answers 1 Community Answer Apr 13, 2013 09:08PM EDT
  • how many devices can i put it on for basic vs pro

    Hi - I am not understanding the pricing explanation. Lets say we have 5 smart phones, a few ipods and a coupl...

    1 Support Answer 1 Community Answer Mar 22, 2013 12:47PM EDT
  • purchase failures!

    I’ve tried purchasing a pro license as well as a GC-100 from your site and I keep getting stopped with a Paypa...

    2 Community Answers Feb 08, 2013 06:28PM EST
  • license purchased through dealer but ipad & builder shows expired

    Hi, My trial expired, I purchased license through dealer, but on the cloud (builder) and on the iPad it st...

    2 Support Answers 1 Community Answer Nov 20, 2012 01:49PM EST

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