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  • Restore from another user.

    Hello, I made a back up in my personal user (Advanced license) and i tried to do a restore in my office user (...

    1 Support Answer 1 Community Answer Jan 15, 2020 02:55PM EST
  • Directv buttons 0, 2 and 4

    Hello, on Directv I'm having problems with buttons 0, 2 & 4, not working, although all other commands...

    1 Support Answer 0 Community Answers Jun 02, 2019 11:56PM EDT
  • Where to buy UD Isy Modulo

    Hi, what module do i have to buy to use Isy and Insteon? Automation Module? or there is a specific "Isy M...

    1 Support Answer 0 Community Answers Mar 05, 2019 01:05AM EST
  • Moving multiple buttons

    Hello I'm unable to move / drag a group of buttons. Is there a way of doing this? Is there also a ...

    0 Community Answers Feb 17, 2019 10:16AM EST
  • página builder.iruleathome não abre!

    tem algum problema com a página do irule?

    0 Community Answers Jan 23, 2019 01:38PM EST
  • FeedBack IP Hex

    Hello over a multiroom via IP in hex I have an ON command (tx) "02 04 01 01" command: \x02\x04\...

    4 Support Answers 4 Community Answers Oct 03, 2018 03:52PM EDT
  • help with firetv

    So I downloaded the firetv device and got it all set up and working with the exception of the "menu main&...

    1 Community Answer Aug 06, 2018 12:56AM EDT
  • Conditional on feedback

    Great day to all, I've got a specific question, i've been searching the Community for some hint, ...

    1 Support Answer 1 Community Answer Apr 28, 2018 03:58PM EDT
  • export irule devices etc

    Now that irule is being discontinued is there a way to export all the custom devices, feedbacks, etc that I cr...

    1 Support Answer 0 Community Answers Feb 27, 2018 04:19PM EST
  • *** Fire TV 4K

    Does any body have Fire TV 4K working with iRule? I have downloaded the FireTV Device code from the community ...

    0 Community Answers Feb 13, 2018 02:25PM EST

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