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Trouble Shooting Global Cache gateways

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2014 02:51PM EDT

Scenario 1

Problem: I can see my global cache gateway on the network and can access its configuration web page but the app cannot find the gateway using auto discovery.

Solution: "Click" on Skip button on the top right hand corner when adding a new Global Cache gateway.

Then input the IP address of the Global Cache device manually into the IPv4 field.


Scenario 2

Problem: My Global Cache gateway was working fine but my power went out and now the app won't connect to the gateway.

Probable Cause and Solution: If you did not set the IP address of the Global Cache gateway to static or reserve its IP address inside your router through DHCP reservation, there is a good change that the IP address of the Global Cache gateway had changed and the iRule app does not reflect that change.  For trouble free connections, please make sure that all of the gateways you are using for your iRule are set to have IP address that will not be changed by the router.

You can set the IP address to be static directly in the Global Cache gateway configuration web page by typing in the IP address of the Global Cache gateway in the web address field in your browser.  Then going under NETWORK and un-checking the Enable DHCP item.

To do it in the router as a DHCP reservation, you need to refer to the router's manual.


Scenario 3

Problem: I can connect to my IP2SL/WF2SL Global Cache gateway from only one instance of the app.  I thought that ITach accepts 8 connections at a time.

Solution: IP2SL/WF2SL by default is to set to accept only 1 connection at a time.  In order to set it to allow its full number of support concurrent connections you need to go its configuration web page by typing in its ip address in the web browser.  Then clicking on Serial.  Under Serial, you will see an item called Multiple Ports.  Make sure it is set to Enabled.


Scenario 4

Problem: I can connect to my GC-100 Global Cache gateway from only one instance of iRule.

Solution: GC-100 line of Global Cache gateways only allows a single connection to its TCP/IP socket.  This means that at any given time only 1 instance of the app can connect to this type of gateway in order to control your equipment.


Scenario 5

Problem: I have a WiFi iTach gateway but it will not connect to my home network even though all the settings are correct.

Solution: If you have AES type of encryption setup in your WiFi router, this will prevent WiFi iTach being able to connect to your WiFi network.  Please change it to TKIP.  This is because AES encryption is not WiFi standard while TKIP is and that is why Global Cache doesn't currently support AES encryption.


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