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Tutorial: Learning Commands using IR Learner

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2014 02:25PM EDT

Tutorial Summary

This tutorial covers how to use the Global Cache iLearn utility to learn IR codes and add them to the Builder.

  1. Launch iLearn.
  2. iLearn Utility.
  3. Select Learner.
  4. IP Address.
  5. Confirm.
  6. Select Format.
  7. Save Data.
  8. Create Device.
  9. Add Device Code.
  10. Rename Code.
  11. Copy IR Code.
  12. Paste IR Code.

Step One: Launch iLearn

Step One :: Image Title

Download and launch the iLearn utlity.
Windows version:
OSX Version:


Step Two: iLearn

Step Two :: Image Title

The iLearn utility is used to learn IR codes from an iTach, Global Cache Serial IR learner connected to the computer or connected to a GC-100 Gateway.


Step Three: Select Learner

Step Three :: Image Title

Select the type of learner from the IR Learner drop down list. In this tutorial we will use the iTach Learner included with every iTach IR Gateway.


Step Four: IP Address

Step Four :: Image Title

Type the IP address of the iTach Gateway and click on the Connect button.


Step Five: Confirm

Step Five :: Image Title

Confirm that the iLearn utility connected to the iTach.


Step Six: Select Format

Step Six :: Image Title

Select the Format type from the Save Format drop down list. In this tutorial, we will use the HEX codes format since it's more universal and less prone to errors.

NOTE: We recommend against it, but if you elect to use the Global Caché format, the commands won't work as-is. You'll need to truncate the prefix that sets the module and port, since the iRule app adds it based on how you configure the gateway. The prefix that needs to be removed looks like "sendir,1:1,1,".

Step Seven: Save Data

Step Seven :: Image Title

Aim the remote at the IR learing port (on iTach, it is a small hole to the right of the power plug) and press the button on the remote you wish to learn. You may need to adjust the position of the remote relative to the iTach, but if it works, iRule will generate a confirmation tone and display the code. Type the name of the code you just learned and click on the Save Data button. In this example we are learning the Volume Up button. Repeat this step to learn additional IR codes.


Step Eight: Create Device

Step Eight :: Image Title

In the Builder, open the Devices tab and select Create device from the Actions drop down menu.


Step Nine: Add Device Code

Step Nine :: Image Title

Right click on the Pronto Hex Codes item and select Add device code from the drop down list.


Step Ten: Rename Code

Step Nine :: Image Title

In the Properties window (lower-left), rename the command to describe the Code. In this example we will name the Code VOLUME UP.


Step Eleven: Copy IR Code

Step Nine :: Image Title

Back in the iLearn utility, select the HEX IR codes (the numbers beginning with 0000) right click and select copy from the drop down list.


Step Twelve: Paste IR Code

Step Nine :: Image Title

Switch back to the Builder and press Control-V on the keyboard to paste the Code into the data field of the HEX code.

Note: When pasting the command, it should not contain anything other than the code. Make sure there are no extraneous carriage returns, leading or trailing spaces.

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