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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2016 10:11AM EST

Configuring Settings and Syncing User Interface

This tutorial covers how to configure settings and sync the user interface created in Builder to the application.

  1. Open the Settings pane
  2. Enter account username and password
  3. Configure settings
  4. Dim screen on idle
  5. Select handset layout
  6. Sync iRule
  7. Done (or restore gateways)

Step One: Settings

Step One :: Image Title

Select the Settings tab in the bottom-right corner of the application tab bar.


Step Two: Enter Username and Password (Credentials)

Step Two :: Image Title

Enter the username and password. The username will be the same used to create the interface in the Builder.


Step Three: Settings

Step Three :: Image Title

You can configure settings to make a sound whenever you press a button in the application. The Vibrate on tap is an iPhone only application that provides a tactile feedback when a button is pressed. The Prevent system lock keeps the iPhone connected and prevents the iPhone from going to sleep. 


Step Four: Dim Screen On Idle

Step Four :: Image Title

If the prevent system lock is enabled, a setting that allows the screen to dim after 1 minute of inactivity is available as an option. This is supported in iOS version 5.0 and higher.


Step Five: Select Handset Layout

Step Five :: Image Title

Select a handset layout button that appears near the top of the screen to Sync the iRule interface from the Builder. If you've only created one unique layout in Builder, you'll only have one button to press.


Step Six: Sync

Step Six :: Image Title

Loads the interface and programming from the Builder.


Step Seven: Done

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