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Tutorial: Adding a Device

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 09:33AM EST

Adding A Device

This tutorial covers how to add a Device from the database.

  1. Browse Devices from the Devices tab
  2. Browse and import Devices window appears
  3. Search for Device
  4. Review search results
  5. Select the Device to import
  6. Imported Device appears in the Devices tab and is ready to be used.

Step One: Browse Devices

Step One :: Image Title

Select the Devices tab in the Builder interface.



Step Two: Click on Actions button 

Click on the Actions button under Devices tab to bring up the list of menu items.  Select Browse Devices.


Step Three: Browse Window

Step Two :: Image Title

Browse and import Devices window appears. This window will allow you to search, review and import the Device into the Builder.


Step Four: Search

Step Three :: Image Title

You can search for your device by using the Vendor, Type and Model search fields. The Vendor will be the manufacturer of the Device. Device Type is used to categorize similar Devices. Model will provide additional detail regarding the Device. After you typed the Vendor name, select the Type press the Search button to begin the search.


Step Five: Review

Step Four :: Image Title

When the search is done, you can review the results of the search.


Step Six: Select and Import

Step Five :: Image Title

Select the Device from the search results by clicking in the checkbox next to the Device Name. Press the Import button to complete the import process.


Step Seven: Done

Step Six :: Image Title

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