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Tutorial: iPad Interface

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2012 12:14AM EDT

Tutorial Summary

This tutorial covers how to create an iPad interface for use with the iRule for iPad application.

  1. Open the iRule Builder.
  2. Click on the iPad tab in the Panels tree.
  3. Create a new Panel and Pages.
  4. Note the high resolution monitor recommended.

Step One: iRule Builder

Step One :: Image Title

Open the iRule Builder at


Step Two: iPad Tab

Step Two :: Image Title

Click on the iPad tab at the bottom of the Panels tree to toggle between the iPod/iPhone size interface and the iPad interface. Please note that with an iRule license, you will be able to create a unique interface for the iPhone/iPod touch and another unique interface for the iPad. To sync with the iPad interface you need to download the iRule for iPad application from the iTunes store.


Step Three: Create Interface

Step Three :: Image Title

Begin to create an interface for the iPad just as you would for the iPhone by adding a Panels, Pages and graphical elements.


Step Four: Note Resolution

Step Four :: Image Title

Please note that due to the high resolution of the iPad, you may need to scroll to see the entire iPad interface if your screen resolution is not high enough.

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