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Device Code Variables

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2016 03:34PM EDT
Device code variables allow you to assign a variable within the data field of a command. By adding a variable to the string of the device command, you can adjust input/output commands, volume commands and others without having to create a new device in the builder.  

Multiple options for adjusting device commands via variable
  • Upload device within embedded variable
  • Add variable to single string
  • Add multiple variables to single string

Uploading device with embedded variable

Using an xml editor you can add a variable 
by adding $variablename$ to your string. 

After uploading your device you can edit the  default value of the variable by right click on the name of the uploaded device and selecting the option to assign variables.

Editing the default value will assign the value to each place within the device

* In this example we are editing the MAC address of a DirecTV Client device

Adding variable to a single string

Refer to the properties window of your device command

Within the data field enter your variable anywhere in your string by surround the variable name in $

Adding multiple variables to single string

Refer to properties window of your device code

Within the data field enter your variable by surrounding the variable name with $'s. You can add multiple names to a single string.

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