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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2016 08:57AM EST

Global macros allow the programmer to re-use existing macros throughout your setup and/or create design macros in an macro editor field that can be added to existing buttons/links/entrances.

We have empowered the programmer with the ability to create a new macro and we have also provided an option to create a global macro from an existing macro found within your existing project.

Follow the process below to create and use your own macros


Creating New Global Macro

1. Open Builder

2. Change tab to Global Macro

- On the Top left of your screen underneath File you will now see two separate tabs for Handsets and Global Macros. To add a global macro change the tab to select Global Macros. 

3. Add Global Macro 

-- To add a new global macro click on the Green + sign in the toolbar once you have selected the Global Macro tab. 

4. Edit Macro Name 
-- within the properties window you can edit the name of your macro

5. Create your macro

- by dragging in commands from your devices you can create your own macro to use within your project

6. Add macro to project

a) Change tab to Handset then Choose the handset you are working on

b) Locate Global Macro widget from within the More Tab under Actions 

c) Drag Action onto button/link/entrance/feedback 

d) Double click on item that you added the macro. 
- Make sure to select the Macro element

e) Choose the macro from the dropdown within the properties field 

7. Save and Sync


Converting existing macro into usable Global Macro

1. Right click/Double Click to edit button with existing macro 

2. Right click on the title underneath macro 

-- Choose the option to convert this macro to Global Macro

-- After selecting this option you will be moved to the Global macro tab and prompted to enter a new name for the macro

3. Change title of macro 

4. Revert to step 6 in above process to add your macro to another area of your project

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