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Honeywell Thermostat Module

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2015 11:07AM EST

Our Honeywell Thermostat module works with iOS and Android handsets. If your thermostat does not appear on the My Connect Comfort website we will not be able to control your thermostat.

Follow the steps below to get your Honeywell WIFI Thermostat running within the application:

  1. Go to
  2. Login to view your Honeywell thermostat
  3. Choose your thermostat
  4. Copy the thermostat ID from the URL
  5. Go to builder
  6. Drag in Honeywell module
  7. Paste ID into properties window
  8. Save & Sync
  9. Configure gateway
  10. Save
  11. Go to Panels
  12. View your module


Step 1: Go to using your favorite browser

Step 2: Login to view your Thermostats 
*Note - If you thermostats do not appear on this webpage we will not be able to control the thermostat with our application

Step 3: Choose your thermostat 

Step 4: Copy your thermostat ID 
*the ID is the number within the URL

Step 5: Open Builder  

Step 6: Drag the module to a page 

* you will find the module within the MORE tab under Automation

Step 7: Paste your ID into the properties window 
* to paste the ID use the keyboard shortcut CTRL V or command V if you are using a MAC. 

* you are pasting the ID into the Device ID section of the properties window

Step 8: Save and Sync 

Step 9: Configure gateways 

Step 9a: Tap on your unassigned Honeywell device within your devices tab

Step 9b: Choose the Tap to Authenticate 

Step 9c: Enter credentials 

Step 9d: Accept conditions 

Step 10: Save Gateway

Step 11: Go to Panels and select the panel with the module installed

Step 12: Control your Honeywell Thermostat 

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