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Variable to Open/Close Drawer

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2015 09:20AM EDT

If you have issues opening and closing drawers using the handle, a variable can help eliminate those issues.

By assigning a variable to the percentage field of the drawer you can open and close drawers with the push of a button. 

  1. Open builder
  2. Drag and Drop your new image to your interface
  3. Add text to your image
  4. Assign variable to percentage field
  5. Add set variables to your image
  6. Set Toggle Commands to YES
  7. Save and Sync

1. Open Builder 

2. Drag and Drop new image on your Page 

3. Add text to your newly placed image 

4. Assign a variable to the percentage field 
- To locate this field left click on the handle of your drawer and refer to the properties window

5. Right click and Edit your volume image 

6. Right click within the macro field and add 2x set variables. Close this screen once the variables have been created

- The first variable assigns the amount of the drawer you want to open. In this example we want the drawer to open 25%

- The second variable is closing the drawer by assigning the percentage to 0

7. Convert your image to a Toggle button 

- This step will make your volume button open the drawer on the first press and close the drawer on the second press.

8. Save and Sync 

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