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Last Updated: Jun 18, 2015 01:48PM EDT

Sliders will require discrete commands in order to function properly. We will work on building commands for slider devices, but if your device is not on the list follow the steps below to create your device commands:

  1. Open the Builder
  2. Open the Devices tab
  3. Locate your Slider Device
  4. Right click and add your device code
  5. Locate new device code and enter data for discrete level


1. Enter the Builder

2. Open the Devices tab 

3. Open your Device you are using for slider 

-- We are using the Onkyo as an example. You will be looking for commands that say Volume Level set to xx.
-- Volume UP and Volume Down are not discrete commands that will be used in a slider.

4. Right click and Add device code 

5. Locate New Device code 

5a. Enter Data into properties window 
-- We suggest copying an existing command string and editing the necessary content for your new code. (in the example here Onkyo uses hexadecimal conversion for the volume level)


You can also create your own xml file for a device and upload the slider commands. Follow this link for creating a custom device xml  

Attached are sample xml files for Onkyo Receivers a generic example.

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