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AppleTV IP Control

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2015 11:46AM EDT

iOS now supports AppleTV control through IP. You can use the AppleTV module that supports gesture control and two way feedback or you can use standard commands.

Follow the steps below for easy setup:

  1. Open Builder
  2. Locate More tab
  3. Open Modules
  4. Drag & Drop AppleTV module to new/existing page
  5. Save & Sync
  6. Within AppleTV go to Settings
  7. Go to General
  8. Go to Remotes
  9. Within application go to Gateways
  10. Tap Edit
  11. Under AppleTV gateway choose Add New Gateway
  12. Within AppleTV choose your handset from the list of remotes
  13. Enter pin code
  14. Save
  15. Go to AppleTV page


1. Open Builder

2. Locate More tab

3. Open Modules 

4. Drag and Drop Module to new/existing page 

5. Save & Sync 

6. On screen of AppleTV - Go to Settings 
--- For the upcoming steps you will require the physical AppleTV remote

7. On screen of AppleTV - Go to General 

8. On screen of AppleTV - Go to Remotes 

9. Within our application - Go to Gateways 

10. Within our application - Tap Edit 

11. Within our Application - Choose Add New Gateway 
-- You need to choose Add new gateway underneath the AppleTV gateway type

---- Adding a new gateway will pop up a new page with a pin code 
---- You will use this pin code in Step 13

12. Within the AppleTV - Cursor down to select your iPhone/iPad 

13. Within the AppleTV - Enter the Pin code 

14. Save the gateway and go to your AppleTV panel.

-- The AppleTV module includes new gesture control. You have the following options that are not yet available with our gestures

--- Swipe and Hold - this will move the AppleTV cursor in the chosen direction very quickly
--- Fast swiping - You can now move the cursor faster in each possible direction by swiping quickly
--- Drag control - You can leave your finger on the screen and drag in a single direction to move the cursor one step
--- Press and Hold - Press and hold the Menu button to immediately return to the Home screen of the AppleTV

*** We have noticed pairing issues with handsets that include special characters. Both ( - ) and ( ' ) have been included in handset names and would not pair with the AppleTV. Once the character was removed the handset paired without issue.

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