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Last Updated: Jul 14, 2015 10:05AM EDT

Slider control can be added to your system to control discrete leveling of equipment. To add a slider to your project follow the steps below:

  1. Open builder
  2. Locate the More tab
  3. Open Widgets
  4. Drag your slider type to any page
  5. Adjust properties (overall width and height, knob, color and bar width and height)
  6. Select when you want commands executed (drag or release)
  7. Double click on slider
  8. Drag controlled device
  9. Edit steps
  10. Drag feedback (not required for operation)
  11. Save & Sync


1. Open your project within the Builder

2. Open the More tab 

3. Open Widgets 

4. Drag and Drop your slider on a page 

5. Edit the properties of your slider 

--- The cells width and height will adjust the overall size of the slider in view of the page

--- You can adjust the color of the slider knob, filled area and empty areas

6. Select how you wish commands to be executed 
-- Executing commands on release will wait to send a command until you finish using the slider
-- Executing commands on drag will execute commands while you are moving the slider

7. Double click on your slider to access the edit view 

8. Drag controlled device to the drop here field 
9. Edit the number of steps in the slider
-- This will adjust the number of commands found within the slider. You can have all possibilities or a select window.

9a. If you change the steps to a different level
than what has been created within your feedback, you will need to adjust the min and max range of the feedback. You will want to adjust the min and max to match the range you have assigned with your steps for the slider commands.

10. Drag and Drop your device feedback 
-- This is not required for control of your device, but the feedback will update the slider to show current status

11. Save and Sync the application 


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