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Multi Room Example

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2015 01:50PM EDT

This tutorial will provide an example that should speed up the programming time, and remove some extra panels from the setup.

This tutorial uses variables to improve the speed and reduce the size of the project. For a better understanding of variables refer to the advanced topics section of the Support Site.

The example scenario below consists of 4 rooms with identical setups. Each room has a TV, Satellite Box and AppleTV all configured via IR. 


Step 1: Use the Wizard setup the First Room/ Zone 

Step 2: Builder Overview 

Once you finish the wizard you should have a Main panel and two control panels for the activities. 

Step 3: Add additional devices  

Since you are using identical devices you can Right Click and COPY, then Right Click on an existing device and PASTE.

If you were using different model devices in the separate rooms you can Browse Devices and Import the new controlled device.

Step 4: Create New Home Panel 

By right clicking on any existing Panel you can add a new panel. 

Once this new panel is added within the properties of this panel adjust your name and also change the setting for Home Panel to YES.

Step 5: Add Page & Room Buttons 
Within the image I have added a page within the panel by choosing the orientation I want to add. (Portrait for Phones and Landscape for Tablets)

The images I added were from the Activities -- Default folder and are blank. I added the text Room/ Zone 1 through Room/ Zone 4.

Step 6: Convert buttons to links to your Main page 

  • In the left images above I right clicked on the button then chose the option to convert to link. 
  • In the right image I assigned my link to the Main panel and Home page. 
  • Repeat this process for all Room/ Zone button on your page

Step 7: Assign Variables to the Controlled Devices panels

  • Within the title of each panel that you are controlling equipment you will need to assign a variable
  • Our example would mean that we are assigning a variable to the Main panel, WatchTV, AppleTV and Drawers. (In the drawers Panel I am using the same variable name that I used on the Main panel since we are controlling the TV volume and Inputs with this example)
  • For simplicity I am assigning the variable names TV, Cable and Apple to each of my controlled panels

Step 8: Set Variables within the Room/ Zone Links 

In this step I returned to my Room/ Zone panel where we created our links. I then double clicked on the first Room/ Zone link.

The process shown in the image is right clicking on the Macro field where it says activity.

The images below show the steps for adding the device to the variable field.

  • The TOP LEFT image shows the properties window of the Add Variable. We are inputting the name of the assigned variables in Step 7
  • The TOP RIGHT image shows the Device ID of our controlled device for this Room/ Zone. To get the ID to appear use these steps. Find the device within the Devices Tab then Drag the TITLE OF THE DEVICE to the Macro field where variablename=________. The ID will appear with the title of the device next to the id
  • The LOWER LEFT image shows the entire macro for Room/ Zone 1

Repeat these steps for all Rooms/ Zones links.

Step 9: Check your work.
  • Sync the account to your handset and run through the different room. 
  • When you tap the Gateway beacon this will show the currently controlled devices
  • Within each Room/ Zone you should only see TV 1, Cable 1, Apple 1. You should not see a mix of devices on the control pages.

Attached to this tutorial is a backup of the setup created in the steps above. You can download and restore this into your account to view the setup I created.


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