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Denon Module

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2015 10:57AM EST

The Denon module is an add on module for Network controls of your Denon or Marantz receiver that is model from 2013 or newer.

The Network controls are of Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, USB etc. This will provide two way feedback of the current artist or track that is playing.

The Denon module will also control the multi zone function of the Denon/ Marantz receiver. You will see the current source, power state and volume level of the different zones.

The setup process is as follows:

  1. Select the Denon module from the Wizard (If you select from the wizard there is no other setup within the builder)
  2. Open your page
  3. Locate the More tab
  4. Open modules
  5. Drag the Denon Module to your page
  6. Save & Sync
  7. Configure Gateway

Step 1: Select the Denon Module from the wizard
(If you use this method of adding the module skip to the 6th step of Saving)

Step 2: Open your Panel/ Page  

Step 3: Locate the More tab 

Step 4: Open the Module section

Step 5: Drag the Denon module to your page 

Step 6: Save & Sync 

Step 7: Gateway Setup 

The Denon module device should auto-discover the receiver on your network. If this does not occur use the settings below for proper configuration.

The setup is:

HTTP Gateway
Port 80
Method = Post

The IP address used is the IP address of the Denon/ Marantz receiver. This can be found within the settings of the receiver or using a network scanner such as Fing. 


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