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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2016 04:31PM EST

*** Android can only support one camera stream per panel. If you have multiple cameras to view while using Android you will need to separate them amongst different panels in your project.***




In order to add your camera to your handset follow the steps below

  1. Open Builder
  2. Open your Page
  3. Go to More tab
  4. Open Modules
  5. Open Security
  6. Select your camera model
  7. Drag & Drop to your page
  8. Select resolution within Properties window
  9. Save & Sync
  10. Configure Gateway and Assign device

Step 1: Open builder

Step 2: Open the page that you wish to add the module. 

Step 3: Open the More Tab. 

Step 4: Open the Modules section of the More tab. 

Step 5: Open the Security section of the Module section. 

Step 6: Select your Camera Type

Step 7: Drag the Camera to your page

Step 8: Select the resolution of your camera from the properties window

Note: You see the Channel ID within this image. This does not appear for all camera models. Cameras that require the Channel parameter:
  • Channel Vision
  • Grandstream
  • ICRealtime
  • SnapAV
  • ACTi

Step 9: Save and Sync

Step 10: Edit Gateway within the application. For all cameras use HTTP Gateway with GET Method. The necessary ports are listed below:
  • ACTi, Channel Vision, Foscam SD, and SnapAV use Port 80
  • Axis, Foscam HD, GrandStream, ICRealtime and LILIN use Port 554


Below is a list of Cameras that were tested internally:


Axis - P55 Series

Channel Vision - 6532

Foscam - F18910W

Grandstream - ICIPD2000AIR

Lilin - IPS5184 & IPS5188

ACTi and SnapAV did not provide specific model numbers for testing. They provided an outside address for testing purposes. 

If your camera is not listed above you can attempt to use unsupported models by folowing the steps here 


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