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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2016 04:30PM EST

If your camera does not match the tested model you can attempt to use a Connection URL of your camera within the gateway setup of the module. Listed below are the Connection URL's for the cameras currently supported with our modules. If the URL is similar to that of your camera, you can test the camera module for compatibility. 

  • When using a Connection URL in the gateway setup, make sure to remove the username, password, IP and port from the gateway configuration. This will instead be configured using the connection url that you are inputting into the IP address field. 
  • The camera model and supported resolutions are shown below 
  • We currently do not support two way audio with cameras.   


  • Tested Model - 

  • Supported resolutions (320x240, 640x480 & 720p)

  • PTZ is supported

  • Connection URL - http://{IP}:{HOST}/cgi-bin/encoder?USER={USER}&PWD={PWD}&CHANNEL={CHANNEL}&GET_STREAM={STREAM}

  • Note - It’s recommended to set the video stream quality using the VIDEO_MJPEG_QUALITY param, 70 is the default. To set the resolution, add the VIDEO_RESOLUTION parameter after the channel parameter. Resolutions are formatted with an N before the height and width. Example: N{HEIGHT}x{WIDTH}


  • Tested Model - P55 Series

  • Supported Resolutions (720x480 to 176x120 @ 60Hz, 720x576 to 176x144 @ 50Hz, 720p & 1080P)

  • PTZ is supported on some models

  • Connections URL's - H264(rtsp://{AUTH@}{IP}:{PORT}/axis-media/axis.amp?videocodec=h264) MJPEG(http://{AUTH@}{IP}:{PORT}/mjpg/video.mjpg)


Channel Vision

  • Test models - 6532​

  • Supported Resolutions (320x240 & 640x480)

  • PTZ is supported 

  • Connection URL - http://{AUTH@}{IP}:{PORT}/GetData.cgi?CH={CHANNEL} &Codec=jpeg&Size={RESOLUTION}



  • Tested models - FI8910W, 

  • Supported resolutions HD (720p) SD (320x240 & 640x480)

  • PTZ is supported

  • Connection URL - below

  • SD (Video Only) http://{AUTH@}{IP}:{PORT}/videostream.cgi?resolution={resolution}&rate=0

  • SD (Audio & Video) http://{AUTH@}{IP}:{PORT}/videostream.cgi?resolution={resolution}&rate=0

  • HD http://{IP}:{PORT}/cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream&usr={USERNAME}&pwd={PASSWORD}

  • Notes - The port used is different for HD (88) and SD (80). Also we do not currently support the 1080p Foscam camera


  • Tested models - GXV3662HD

  • Supported resolutions - below

  • 4:3 (480x368 to 1280x960)

  • 16:9 (480x272 to 1280x720)

  • PTZ is supported

  • Connection URL - rtsp://{AUTH@}{IP}:{PORT}/{CHANNEL}


  • Tested models - ICIPD2000AIR

  • Supported resolutions (1080p, 720p, 1280x960, 1280x1024, CIF, D1)

  • PTZ is supported on some devices

  • Connection URL - rtsp://{AUTH@}{IP}:{PORT}/cam/realmonitor?channel={CHANNEL}&subtype={SUBSTREAM#}



  • Tested Models - IPS5184 / IPS5188

  • Supported Resolutions ( 480p & 1080p)

  • PTZ is supported

  • Connection URL - rtsp://{AUTH@}{IP}:{PORT}/jpeg{RESOLUTION}


  • Tested Models - none. SnapAV provided a URL for us to test using our application

  • Supported Resolutions (320x240, 640x480, 720p & 1080p)

  • NO PTZ Support

  • Connection URL - http://{AUTH@}{IP}:{HOST}/GetData.cgi?CH={CHANNEL}&Codec={CODEC}

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