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Last Updated: Oct 29, 2014 10:29AM EDT

There are two types of Group Tags: Select & Deselect tags. This tutorial will explain the difference and how to use both in a multi zone setup.

Select Group Tags:

You want to use a select group for EACH unique activity in the system. When you go through the wizard we create group tags for WatchTV, WatchMovie, AppleTV, Roku and Power for example. This will ensure that each time you select one of these activities the selected state image will appear on the screen until a new activity is selected.

To adjust the group tag you need to access the macro view of your activity by: (choose one)
  • Right clicking on the Button/ Link and choosing Edit
  • Double Clicking on the Button/ Link
After entering the Macro view you will find the select group and deselect group tags for the activity you have selected. 


Deselect Group Tags:

This type of group tag is used for your Multi Zone setups. The example here is the WatchTV activity that is being used in the Family Room. This will allow you to identify which activity is being Watched or Listened to in the different zones of your home or office. You will also notice you can separate different group tags using a comma. This allows you to create a scenario when the System is powered off all activities will show the Default image state. 


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