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Basic Variables

Last Updated: Sep 03, 2014 09:29AM EDT

Intro to Variables:

When using variables in your setup there are two steps to properly using variables. First is to assign a variable and Second is to set that variable within a button, link or entrance. 


Assigning Variables:

Within the builder you can assign variables to anything that has this   next to it. You need to click on that cog icon in order to declare an object as a variable.  Some examples include: Name, Row, Column, Width, Height, Font, Font size, Font Bold, Font Color, Device ID, Command Name, Image ID and more! Once you have clicked on the icon you will be prompted to enter a title for your Variable.

Setting Variables:

Inside the More tab under Actions you will find the Set Variable Action. You can add this action to buttons, links, entrances or conditionals. Once you have added the action you will need to enter the variable title into the properties field of the variable, from the prior step.

Example Variables:


Changing text of a Label using a Button:

Step 1: Assign your variable to the Name field of the label and hit Return or Tab. This will change the field to red lettering with $'s surround the title of the variable

Step 2: Set your variable within a button. After you have dragged the set variable action into your button reference the properties window. Enter the title of your variable and hit return. Inside the variable value field type in your new text. 

Step 3: Save and Sync



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