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Toggle Images

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2016 02:56PM EST

Toggle Images allow you to setup an individual button that changes image on button press and will continue to use this image until pressed again. 

  • You can toggle images with a single executable action. This could be a command or any of the actions found within the more tab
  • You can also use the toggle command option on the button to toggle through a set of commands while also toggling images


  1. Open Builder
  2. Add image to a page
  3. Double click on recently added image
  4. Add image to pressed state
  5. Add image to selected state
  6. Add secondary image to pressed state
  7. Add secondary image to selected state
  8. Add select group tag
  9. Add de-select group tag
  10. Add commands to image
  11. Save & Sync

1. Open your builder

2. Add image to a page 
  • Expand your panel and select a page
  • Select the images tab on the right side of your screen
  • Expand image library
  • Drag an image to the center window

3. Double click on the newly added image 
  • This will redirect the builder to the macro view of the image

4. Add image to pressed state 
  • Choose your image from image folder 
  • Drag the image to the drop here section of the pressed state

5. Add image to selected state 
  • Choose your image from image folder
  • Drag the image to the drop here section of the selected state

6/7: Repeat steps 4 and 5 

8/9. Add group tags
  • In this example I used mute for both tags. This example creates the mute button as a unique button that will not be affected by any other button press in your setup
  • If you were to leave the group tags blank, any button with a deselect group tag would change the image state of this button 

10. Add commands to your image 
  • Drag and drop commands from the devices tab to the macro section of your new toggle image
  • If using multiple commands, follow the extra step below

10a. If using two or more commands 
  • When using two or more commands you will need to change the flag in the properties window to enable toggle commands
  • This will change the way commands found within the macro view are execute
  • Instead of executing a macro of all commands listed, this will execute the first command in the list, then second and so on until it goes back to the original command

11. Save and Sync

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