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Gateway Colors - Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2014 02:52PM EDT

Currently we have 4 different color notifications for Gateways.

Green - If you are seeing a Green gateway beacon that means your Gateways are properly setup on the correct network with the correct IP address.

  • If you are using a HTTP gateway, these gateways will always show a green connection once the IP address is entered
  • You will also notice a Connectivity arrow. This arrow will flash either Red or Green. Green means that the commands are being sent correctly. A Red arrow means that a device is not assigned correctly, or the command being sent is corrupt 

Orange/ Yellow - If you are seeing an Orange/ Yellow gateway beacon that means you have an issue with one or more of your Gateways. If you tap the beacon and you will notice a device(s) may have a Red gateway, while others are green. You can then begin to troubleshoot why you are not connected to your gateway. 

Red - If you are seeing a Red gateway beacon on your handset that means that your gateways are setup incorrectly. This could mean the IP address is wrong, or you are not on the proper network

White - If you are seeing a White gateway beacon that means you have no Gateways being called upon. Either the Gateway was never configured, or you are on a panel/ page that has no commands assigned


Troubleshooting Techniques


  • Make sure your handset is connected to the correct network. If your handset is using a cellular network you will need to switch to your WiFi network. If you are working in a commercial environment with multiple WiFi networks, you will need to make sure that your handset is connected to the same network as your equipment.

  • Make sure your IP addresses are correct. We recommend using an application called Fing. This is a free app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. This app will search the network that your handset is connected to and relay all the IP addresses that are connected to that network. 

  • If you are seeing Green gateways and Green arrows, then you may have an issue with your emitter location if you are using IR. The commands you are using could also be the incorrect commands. 

  • Some receivers will need to be setup to allow for IP control, so you may require adjusting those settings. Port numbers could also be an issue when using TCP/IP or HTTP gateways. We have a list of the necessary port numbers that can be found here

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